■ Preparing our students to become the leaders of tomorrow

Within a multicultural environment, our students who come from about different thirty countries, follow a program that blends personal development with high standards. The standards of the French program are combined with the cultural diversity of the French-English bilingual curriculum. With our program, students acquire the necessary tools to join the best universities and face the challenges of tomorrow’s world.

■ A unique institution in Dakar

Supporting students on their pathway to success is the trademark of our teaching. This support is provided in the form of orientation sessions, classes on methodology in grades 6 and 7, and additional training programs and courses (preparatory courses for Political Science studies, SAT, etc.).

Our program is centered on project-based teaching which fosters autonomy and is a motivator for our students. By promoting community service, oral and artistic expression as well as initiative-taking, we prepare our students to shoulder their future responsibilities and strengthen their civic engagement.

■ Individualized support
Our educational philosophy places the student at the core of the learning process. In order to offer each student the opportunity to achieve academic success, we propose individualized support that is integrated into the school timetable. Parents and teachers are able to observe the success of this strategy on a daily basis.

■ Eco-citizenship

A member of the global network of UNESCO associated schools since September 2012, Le Collège Bilingue was recognized as an eco-school model in West Africa. In partnership with non-governmental organizations and businesses, our students develop initiatives relating to environmental protection and promotion of sustainable development.

Because this also contributes to making them the leaders of tomorrow.

■ Extracurricular activities

Optional club activities are proposed from Monday to Friday from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m.: foreign languages, sports, artistic activities; each student can certainly find an activity of interest to them.