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Missions & Values

Our mission is to prepare our students to become responsible citizens, while offering bilingual education for academic excellence.

We offer the French National Education program, in addition to a solid teaching in English. The program, delivered in a multicultural context, integrates the best French and English pedagogy. It allows students not only to flourish and develop academic and communication skills, but also to stand out in an increasingly competitive world.

Language teaching in a multicultural environment is the best way to develop children’s self-confidence and potential, and to make them responsible and fulfilling citizens of the world. By giving children the opportunity to learn English or French as a second language as soon as possible, acquisition is very natural.

Convinced that quality training that integrates bilingualism is a major asset for all children, Bilingual College strives to be a melting pot of excellence where every learner is guaranteed to become a model citizen, open to the world through the quality of Lessons learned. We provide our learners with the knowledge, skills and values ​​needed to succeed in their lives. Realizing that each individual possesses a talent somewhere in him, we propose to help our students to bring forth that talent that is in them.

Individualized Monitoring:

It takes into account all aspects of the student’s personality,

“He inspires our conduct,

– It is a ferment of hope for everyone,

– It is a reciprocal commitment of the community, which gives all its dimension to our educational action.