Le Collège Bilingue

General Information

Collège Bilingue welcomes French-speaking and other candidates in a programme of study focused on French and English are the primary languages of education.

For admission in grade 6, priority is given to former EAB students (the primary school section of the school whose candidates are exempted from entry tests.

Registration procedure:

  1. Complete and send in the admission form with a copy of the student’s previous school reports. He or she will then be invited to sit entry tests;
  2. Bring the student to Collège Bilingue with his/ her previous school reports;
  3. Upon admission, the parent/ guardian can withdraw the registration form following payment of the registration fees. The student is then formally offered a place in Collège Bilingue.
  4. Hand in the completed registration form no later than 15 July. Documents include a form to fill in, 2 photographs with the name and address of the student, a birth certificate, a copy of the vaccination card, a certificate of deletion from his/her former school). Any registration forms arriving beyond the deadline will be considered a withdrawal.
  5. For more information, please contact the admission team on:

Tel: +221 33 860 60 10

E-mail: lcbdakar@gmail.com / lcbdakar@lecollegebilingue-dakar.net

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