The research and IT centre of the school is open to all. The research centre helps the students to enrich their classroom experience and takes the learning to further horizons. It also helps to develop the love of reading among students. The terms and conditions of its use are put on display onsite and updated every year.

Students as well as staff can use the site for reading, work or research purposes. They can borrow books, except dictionaries and encyclopaedias or other reference books for one up to three weeks.

Sixth grade students receive tutorials in IT and other forms of research and all students in secondary school receive help with their individual or group work, notably presentations and school projects. The member of staff in charge of the centre helps students in the exhibition of their work, drafts and posters. The research and IT centre positively contributes to the life of the school through cultural and interdisciplinary projects.

The site is equipped with 17 computers with internet connection and Windows software which students can use to do research using online search engines, or math software such as Geogebra.


The research and IT centre is open every day- Monday to Friday from 09:45 am to 4:45 pm.